Feel good look great

Dr Michelle Maartens runs a private practice based in the Milnerton area. She sees all her patients in their homes, so there is no need to venture out of bed and be exposed to other potential infections.

Dr Maartens sees fewer patients per day, allowing her to form relationships with each person and family. She has swopped the old-fashioned medical bag for a fully portable doctor's room, including diagnostic aids, treatment bed, sample collection/testing, prescriptions/certificates and aesthetic facial treatments.

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In Brief

  • General Practitioner

    Dr Maartens is a qualified general practitioner who manages acute and chronic medical conditions.

  • Aesthetics

    Dr Maartens' medical bag contains some of the most effective aesthetic treatments available today.

  • Home visits

    By assembling the best in portable and accurate medical equipment, Dr Maartens brings the doctor's rooms to you.